Stuff that feels good

img_2151So, I am big on lists. Here’s a list of things I love to do for myself, things that make me feel healthy and happy. Things that when I do them, I think: Dang, thank you, Katy. You are such an awesome friend to me (yourself. myself. you get it).

See if any of these hit you in your heart:

  • Reading on the beach at sunset (had to lead with the picture caption)
  • Getting a massage (had to follow with a plug for my business)
  • Going to sleep early (this is totally new to me. I still kind of hate it but it always feels good to have done it)
  • Waking up and having some time to drink my coffee and journal, meditate, stare at the magnificent morning weather (I crave this every morning)
  • To really be present with my mind, my senses, my intentions just right here and now. Even for 5 seconds.
  • Doing exercise that feels really, really fun. I recently rediscovered hula-hooping! Its very fun and silly.
  • Going to see a great healing practitioner on a good recommendation. I’ve recently enjoyed acupuncture that blew my mind, totally shifted me.
  • Listening to really inspiring podcasts, teachers, TED talks, audio books in the evenings or while I’m driving.
  • Seeking community out and making the effort to show up to things that I’d love to be effortlessly a part of eventually. Community is rich and amazing. It’s out there if you need it ever.
  • Simplifying my house and getting rid of so much crap!
  • Keeping my house tidy… somehow this has evolved into my pretty often habit and it feels quite peaceful. I used to drive myself mad with clutter tornadoes until I realized that it paralleled the state of my mind. Tidy=calm mind? Sometimes?
  • Stretching at night, even 5 minutes. It feels like the opposite of coffee in the morning.
  • Leaving my devices off in the evenings. I do not do this ever. But it sounds like a really good idea!
  • Practicing surrender, gratitude, mindfulness and embracing ME as being exactly as I am right now. Huge life concepts boiled down to to one run-on sentence. This is my work.

What do you think? Make your own list (even in your head) and see what you come up with!


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