How to love your body when you feel like shit

a-walk-through-the-woods-benjamin-bergh-photography-580x390There is a patience required for healing and injury that is often so underestimated. I see it time and time again in the work that I do with my clients. You get injured, you have pain, something needs some healing attention. There might be a specific injury or illness, a diagnosis and a plan for recovery. There might be a timeline that a doctor has given you. There’s shock, frustration, hope and then just waiting. Waiting and recovering and healing and doing the slow, inner work that your body needs to heal. This can feel super shitty and boring sometimes! Where’s the drama and endorphins and sweaty adventures?

My take on it is: YES gather all the information you can, talk to a diverse range of healers, doctors, get on a plan for recovery. Your body physically, mechanically needs a host of support for healing from all angles and you can appreciate the support from experts. Do the program. Rest, ice, recover, strengthen, lengthen, whatever the plan is. Create habits around your healing and rest in that structure of: DO THIS (if there is such a structure).

Then you go inward. Notice your expectations and frustrations. Notice where you’re feeling let down by your body, by anyone on your health-care team, by yourself. Are you pissed that you’re not feeling well? That you’re not recovering as fast as you’d like? Are you frustrated that you can’t do this or that? Anything there? Feel what you’re feeling. Let yourself process the emotions around these things.

Next,  in this range of feelings around injury and recovery, notice if you’re able to be really gentle with yourself and your body. Are you being kind to yourself? Isn’t it amazing how our bodies just heal? It’s not always as outwardly stunning as an animal that can regrow a limb but our bodies are frigging amazing at healing! The thing is it’s so internal sometimes, so subtle, so mysterious to us looking in from the outside. What if you were able to have infinitely more patience for this deep process? Is there a way to set aside timelines that require you to be READY to go or back to “business as usual” by this date or that? What if your body is just totally on time with where it’s at? What if there is some crazy reason you’ve been nudged to slow down a little? Do you have room for these possibilities?

Instead of EXPECTING immediate optimal health and being pain-free and good to go, try to cultivate so much gratitude for the optimal health that you do have in all of these other areas that COULD be so messed up but aren’t. Remember how awesomely you DO support your healing already.  Your body is thanking you everyday for the extra rest, the extra water, the nutrition, the exercises, the TLC of any kind you’re throwing it’s way. Your body is kicking ass in healing right now, constantly. Be so, so sweet to yourself and remember to be so, so patient and loving. Your body will reward you so!

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